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  • Management
    Published 04/10/16
    Managing performance is all about working with staff so they contribute to the goals of the team and the business. It involves setting specific targets and tasks and holding people accountable. It is often one of the iss ...Read More ›
  • WATA - Training and new staff
    Published 02/09/16
    Training new staff can be time consuming and a cost to your business. Not only does it use up precious staff time it takes a while for new employees to become an asset financially. The ideal new employee is an individual ...Read More ›
  • Developing a flexible leadership style
    Published 26/07/16
    What sort of manager are you? Do you say ‘This is how I am, like it or lump it?’ Or are you someone who can be flexible and adjust how you manage someone depending on what’s going to bring out the best in them. The ...Read More ›
  • To train or not to train
    Published 29/06/16
    Nigel Donohue, CEO of West Anglia Training Association, gives his view on the impact the EU referendum will have on training and maintaining a skilled workforce. “Human Resources are the key differentiator between grea ...Read More ›
  • Recruitment services at WATA
    Published 24/05/16
    Seeking employment after a career in the forces is a new experience for many that shouldn’t be daunting. Why? Because you already have many of the skills employers are looking for. It’s easy to take for granted t ...Read More ›