Cellbond Apprentice Blog

Clinton Elkin started his Advanced Apprenticeship in Mechanical Manufacturing with WATA in September 2015. He is currently working on his Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) qualification, when this is complete he will progress onto the BTEC Level 3 Engineering Diploma

“Having left school at 16 I was on the verge of becoming disillusioned with further education. I was highly motivated but knew that my learning style was definitely hands-on. My best subjects had been maths and the sciences, and I always enjoyed design technology. I’d heard a radio interview in which employers had spoken about their preference for apprentices in engineering roles rather than graduates. Their reasoning was that they would have a skilled employee with practical experience and theoretical knowledge by the time that recent graduates were looking for their first role.Clinton- Cellbond Apprentice

One of the biggest factors in my decision was that an apprenticeship would give me the opportunity to reach my goal without incurring the massive debt that 4 years of study at University would leave me with. Not only would I be debt-free, I would be earning as I went along.”

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