Coaching Skills for Supervisors & Managers

Workers and lifting device

with option to achieve ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching


Coaching helps increase performance.  Develop essential coaching techniques to motivate, question, set goals and achieve change during this two-day course.


In today’s rapidly changing business climate, coaching is an essential management skill. Managers need to use a variety of coaching skills and approaches to work effectively with individuals and teams to deliver business results. The two days combine a range of models and tools, with practice and feedback sessions enabling you to develop your skills and confidence.


Throughout the course, you’ll take part in practice sessions and receive feedback from the trainer to evaluate your coaching style’s impact on others.


There is the option to continue for a 3rd day to gain the ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching. This also requires completion of 6 hours of workplace coaching and 3 assignments.


Days 1 & 2




  • What is the purpose of workplace coaching?
  • Behaviours and characteristics of a coach
  • Competencies of a workplace coach


Communication skills


  • Words, tone, body language
  • Questioning skills for coaching
  • Building rapport
  • Skills practice and feedback


Coaching models and practice


  • The STAR & GROW models
  • Building your own bank of coaching questions
  • Johari Window & self-awareness
  • Diagnostic tools and psychometric models to support coaching
  • Further skills practice and feedback



Setting goals and feedback


  • Preparing for coaching
  • Feedback models
  • Setting well-defined goals
  • Overcoming defences
  • Advanced coaching and challenging skills
  • Skills practice and feedback


Structure of coaching


  • Opening and closing a coaching session
  • The coaching cycle
  • Record keeping
  • Self-management as a coach


Day 3 – optional for those wishing to complete ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching


Ethics and boundaries in coaching


  • Contracting in coaching
  • Coaching supervision
  • Reflecting on own strengths and weaknesses as a coach


Coaching within a business


  • Barriers to coaching
  • Evaluating coaching
  • Skills practice and feedback


ILM Assignment


Action planning




  • £395 for 2 days
  • For optional 3rd day to gain ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching the costs are £240 for extra day’s training plus £295 ILM fee (for ILM registration, marking and certification).


2017 Dates:


  • 21-22 March (23 March –optional 3rd day to complete ILM Level 3 Coaching)
  • 3-4 October (5 October –optional 3rd day to complete ILM Level 3 Coaching)