This 2-day programme explores what makes the difference between a good team and a high performing team. A practical course, we’ll cover the key areas of getting the best out of your team, managing change, managing time and priorities, and increasing resilience in teams.

This course is one of our Management Development Courses and can be taken on its own or alongside the other courses in this programme:


All of the courses can be also used to gain the Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

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This course will equip delegates to:

Build an Effective Team


  • Develop a high performing team culture
  • Deal effectively with conflict in teams
  • Work with your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and overcome the barriers to change
  • Move through change with your team on board
  • Develop as a confident manager of change
  • Manage the time, resources and talent in your team
  • Build resilience in your team


What does the course cover? 

Building a high performing team culture

  • Shared vision, values and behaviour in a team
  • The ‘team life cycle’ and how to manage it proactively
  • What’s required from a leader of a team?
  • Clarify responsibilities across a team
  • Set clear, measurable indicators of success
  • Monitor and review performance
  • Hold people to account

Increasing team performance

  • Manage the time, resources and talent within your team
  • The importance of prioritising and planning within team
  • Identify and work with your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Coach and mentor your team
  • Improve communication and develop supportive relationships within the team
  • Manage conflict in teams

Introduction to change management

  • Why do organisations change?
  • PESTLE and SWOT analysis to identify the drivers for change
  • Change management models

Supporting teams during change

  • Recognise the different responses and securities that people have to change
  • Support staff during the time of change
  • Create the conditions for successful change
  • Sell change to your team
  • Look at the issues and complexities involved in change management
  • Communicate successfully with all levels of staff throughout the change process

 Building a resilient team

  • How resilient is your team? The Robertson Cooper Questionnaire
  • The manager’s role in building resilience
  • Using the circle of control to increase resilience
  • The role of emotional intelligence

 Dealing with pressure and overcoming set backs

  • Thinking patterns to deal with setbacks positively:
  • Stress-busting techniques to suit your personality type
  • Goal setting
  • Developing bounce-back



Course Duration
2 Days
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Full Course Fee per delegate £395 + VAT

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21 - 22 Nov
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