Most of us can cope with the easy conversation at work, it’s the challenging ones we find difficult! We may put them off hoping the situation improves – in the end we need to address the issue. This one day course is ideal for anyone who has challenging conversations with employees and/or colleagues and would like to become more confident and be able to carry out the conversation more effectively.


Full Course description

Attending this course will enable you to:

  • Identify what makes some conversations challenging
  • Identify the different types of tricky conversations we have and how to manage each type
  • Deal with difficult attitudes
  • Handle challenging conversations with employees and colleagues
  • The role of words, tone and body language – responding to what’s not being said
  • Identify your own trigger points and how to manage them
  • Gain the other persons attention/buy-in
  • Recognise five communication styles and which ones are used in different situations
  • Increase your emotional intelligence – being aware of how you react under pressure and being able to modify your behaviour accordingly
  • Prepare for your own challenging conversations
  • Anticipate the other person’s responses and how you’ll respond
  • Use the skills during a practice session in a supportive environment with constructive feedback from our trainer
Course Duration
1 Days
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Full Course Fee per delegate £240 + VAT

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13 Sep
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