Environmental Training Courses

Environmental management in businesses is a complex and far reaching process. It covers all aspects, such as our supplies; our processes; our supply route; and all our by-products and waste. It could also include the impact from raw material extraction thousands of miles away; or the disturbance to neighbours due to fan noise from a local industrial site.

Energy and waste disposal costs continue to climb; as do the opportunities to save money on reducing their use. More and more clients require proof of competent energy and waste management from their contractors; while customers demand the same standards from their suppliers.

Environmental management is not simple; there are many legislations and complicated data management and reporting guidelines to deal with. This means that competent and well trained staff are needed to help meet compliance.

Energy and waste management is vital if we are to move to a more sustainable way of doing business. It is also a great way to reduce business costs and become more competitive. WATA offers thorough programmes of training to diploma level qualifications.



General Environmental Courses