In-company Management Development Training – Working in Partnership

Do you have a number of staff who manage teams?

Do they do their job well but you think they would benefit from additional training to take them to the next level?

Perhaps you’d like them to delegate more, to plan further ahead, to concentrate on the key priorities rather than ‘quick wins’, to manage the performance of their team and hold them accountable.


Questions to think about

If this is the case our Management Development Programmes can help
move your teams and your business forward.

Management Development Programmes can take place through our Open Courses or In-company.

Our Open Management Development Programmes

You may decide that you’d like your staff to join one of our Open courses, with the opportunity for them to work with delegates from other companies. Details of these courses can be found on our Management & Personal Development course page

Management Development Programmes:

Leadership & Management Essentials
Covering Leadership & Management, Communication and Motivation
Managing People
Covering Managing Performance, Managing Change and Building an Effective Team
Developing Yourself and Others
Covering Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills and Coaching & Mentoring
Strategic Planning & Business Awareness
Including Strategic Planning, Setting Strategic Goals, Implementing and Evaluating Strategy

Management & Leadership Training

In-company training

The key to successful in-company tailored training is a strong partnership between us. Clients tell us they appreciate the time we spend learning about them, finding out what they want and tailoring the training to their needs. Even when we run our standard programmes in-company we still take the time to learn about your needs.

How does in-company Management Development Training work?

1. You make an initial enquiry
You will have ideas about what you want and we have an initial conversation about these.

2. We respond
One of our trainers will call you back to discuss these in more detail.

3. We meet
The most effective way to discuss what you need is face to face. During this meeting we usually go through where you are as a company, what you’re objectives are, what your staff do well and where there are gaps. We’ll discuss ideas about how training can help you your objectives. If coaching and /or mentoring would help we’ll also mention these. These meetings are free and are usually the best way of developing an effective training programme.

4. A proposal
We put together a proposal including our suggestion/s for what we believe needs doing and how we are going to do it, including costs and mechanisms for feedback and consolidation.

5. You decide what to do next
Then it’s over to you! You may decide that you’d like us to come and run a series of training days at your workplace covering a range of popular management topics. These will often include: management and leadership, managing performance, communication, managing change, building an effective team, time management, motivation, coaching and appraisals.

6. During and after the programmes
We will arrange to give you feedback on how the training is going and what the main issues are. One of the keys to a long-term successful outcome is a strong relationship between us, you and your staff. The closer we can work together, the more likely it is that the training makes a real difference at work and the greater the return on investment for you.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your teams and your business move onto the next level please call Melissa on 01480 435544 or email

We look forward to working with you.