Find out How to Effectively Manage Performance

Kate Jennings, one of our Management & Leadership Development Trainers talks about the tricky area of Performance Management. This is covered as part of our 2-day Managing People course

Managing performance involves motivating and enabling a team of staff to achieve targets for the team and the business. It includes setting a range of goals and tasks, empowering staff to work on them and holding people accountable. When all is going well it is straight forward. When our staff are not performing, for whatever reason, this can be one of the hardest parts of management.
Performance Management

As managers we may feel unconfident tackling poor performance.  We prefer to avoid the potential confrontation that can arise when addressing areas of performance, attitude, behaviour etc.  We opt for the ‘head in the sand’ approach!  We hope the problem will go away, whereas in reality it tends to get worse. It can then take even longer to resolve. The team suffers. Morale can be affected as others in the team get frustrated because one person is ‘allowed to get away with it’ while they are busy working hard. Business targets are not reached.

So what can we do? 

It is essential that the clear expectations are set for the standards required for performance and behaviour. This holds people accountable.  It’s important that we agree specific, measurable goals and timescales for tasks to be achieved. If targets are not reached, or tasks not competed as expected, it’s important that we address areas of under-performance. We can go back to the original standards that were agreed and compare this to what’s happening at the moment. We can identify the reasons for this, what training / support etc may be needed and sets timescales for improvement. This helps everyone in the long run and moves the process forward.

What about difficult attitudes?

Dealing with negative attitudes and poor behaviour are also issues many managers are unsure how to handle. Setting standards for these is also important.

How can I find out more?Performance Management

As managers we may not find this subject easy. Our Managing People course covers a wide range of skills required in managing staff performance and addressing difficult attitudes and behaviours. By learning the tools to manage performance we can develop confidence to do so effectively.

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