Recruitment Service – Ex-Service Personnel

WATA now offer a Recruitment Service that can help you employ the right staff for your business. Ex-forces personnel can bring value to your business with transferable skills that are an asset to your company.

The way our Recruitment Service works

How WATA select – WATA find the right candidate for you to interview through an active database of high level technical candidates.

Training – WATA will help you with your training needs by identifying specific training requirements from the skills the candidates have learnt being in the forces.

What do WATA give back? - For every placement made WATA give £50 back to a Forces charity.

ELCAS – WATA have a wide range of courses available under the ELCAS scheme.

Progression – WATA commit to companies that commit to their staff. We build a relationship with companies that gives us insight to your companies personnel requirements



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The next step

WATAs Recruitment Service Manager David joined the RAF in 1976 and was involved in both the Falklands and Gulf Wars specialising in Supply and Logistics. He has worked at many RAF bases at home and abroad spending 3 years of his military career working on the MOD Al-Yamamah project. With 23 years in the RAF and over 14 years in specialist recruitment, David has both the experience and knowledge to support your company’s recruitment needs.
For more information visit WATA’S Recruitment page alternatively contact WATA on 01480 435544 or email  David Coleman