As an organisation with charitable status, here at West Anglia Training Association we have given particular attention to determining how we can advance education whilst reducing our fee charging and as such want to ensure that we make available to individuals our full portfolio of courses where funds prevents this taking place.

Some of the directly attributable charitable returns we have previously supported include:

• Provision of assisted places on courses

• Provision of a free place on one of each type of course per annum

• Provision of free conference facilities and meeting rooms to charitable organisations for the purpose of training and development

To enable us to continue to meet the charitable criteria we have set, we are looking for similar organisations who work with individuals, who for financial reasons, are unable to achieve their goals and aspirations but with a fee waiver on one of our courses, could enable them to succeed.

All we need is a case submitted on their behalf which sets out the background of the individual, the barriers they are currently facing and the impact a fully funded WATA open course could make to them.

For further information, please ring our Customer Services Team on 01480 435544.