Ex-Service Personnel – What employers don’t know about you

Seeking employment after a career in the forces is a new experience for many that shouldn’t be daunting. Why? Because you already have many of the skills employers are looking for.

It’s easy to take for granted the skills you have gained and honed through your service career. What may be second nature to you is vital information for the prospective employer which can result in a successful interview.

What transferable skills do you have?Recruitment services at WATA

Timekeeping – Simple but essential to all employers. Poor timekeeping is a common factor that has a negative cost impact to companies. Ensure the employer understands your work ethic on good timekeeping. This doesn’t just apply to turning up for your work day on time it also applies to completing projects and meeting deadlines all of which are invaluable to an employer.

Working under pressure – Pressure comes in different guises to many people, your perception of pressure may be very different to the employers. The concept of working under pressure still has common values.  For an employer having a clear head when under pressure to make the right decision can mean the difference between completing a project successfully and losing customers.

Organisational skills – Employers rely on effective project planning. The ability to work through a process methodically and thoroughly whilst having the capability to adapt to unexpected changes is another valued skill. This can be applied to any work situation from engineering, health & safety through to people management.

Motivational Skills – Quite often what sets the Service Leaver apart is their motivation.  It is vital for employers to have a work force that is positive, self-starting and motivated.  This is something most service leavers have in abundance and shouldn’t be underestimated. These skills are essential in delivering work projects to time whilst maintaining quality and performance.

Technical Skills – Some specific skills learnt through a service career are obviously transferable. Others may not be. Employers are also looking for employees that have the ability to learn. E.g. if you are able to work with electrical equipment that is specific to the forces then you will have the ability to learn about electrical equipment specific to that employer’s product or service.

There are many other ready-made qualities that you can offer an employer. If you need assistance in preparing for an interview or putting together a CV with the employer perspective in mind WATA can assist you in getting your career plan on track.

In summary
- Be clear on the skills you have
- Don’t assume your skills are the same as other interviewees
- Think from an employer’s perspective on how they can be transferable
- Research the company you are applying for and find the common ground
- Sell yourself

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